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Important IR35 News

Important IR35 News Here we will bring you all the important IR35 News. It's important that British based contractors get news on subjects like IR35 when the news comes out. Otherwise they could suffer for it. If the IR35 rules change it is important for UK contractors to know. IR35 Rules Ever Changing As a matter of fact the IR35 rules, and the interpretation of them, are changing all the time because of court rulings and decisions at the General Commissionsers and Special Commissioners. If a contractor is using a personal service company it is crucial that he, or she, knows the latest rulings on IR35. They need to have good advice on the main IR35 Factors. [caption id="attachment_839" align="alignnone" width="225"] IR35 Test Online demanded by Conservatives[/caption] Caught by IR35 If the contractor is now caught by IR35, but still uses a personal service company, this could be very expensive if he, or she, is investigated by HMRC. Vice versa, if a contractors is outside of IR35 but is using an umbrella company this is probably costing the contractor around £10,000 a year in extra tax and NI contributions. So,it is vital to get the latest IR35 news. [caption id="attachment_911" align="alignnone" width="300"] Important IR35 News for UK contractors[/caption]

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