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Recruitment Agency Advice Contractors badly need recruitment agency advice. If they are not up to all the agency tricks then they are going to get ripped off by them and abused by them. New contractors fare worst with recruitment agencies and recruitment consultants. Recruiters Love First Time Contractors They imagine these agencies to be 'their agents' who will look after their best interests, get them contracts and get them the best rates that they can. As experienced contractors will know, his is very far from the truth. Indeed it is the complete opposite of the truth. Recruitment consultants and their agencies will kick, bite and gouge to get the highest amount of money that they can for a contractor from a client and then give the contractor as little of the money as they possibly can. That's why first time contractors get ripped off the most. Recruiters Spamming References Another dirty trick that agencies get up to is what is called spamming references. This is where they call up a contractor saying that they are going to put the contractor forward for a contract and need to know two things, when thir current contact ends and the names of companies and managers of companies where they previously worked on contract in porder to take references. [caption id="attachment_711" align="alignnone" width="297"] Contractor References that agencies asked for[/caption] Recruitment Agencies Replacing Contractors The don't need those references but they do want to find out the names of companies and managers who take on contractors so that they can send the CVs of contractos that they have on their database into the client company. They want to know when your contract is up so that they can put someone with similar skills to you up against you when it comes to renewal time. Because of this and many other things, that's why contractors need lotsĀ  of recruitment agency advice.

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