UK Contractor Pensions – a great way to save tax

UK Contractor Pensions
UK Contractor Pensions

UK Contractor Pensions


UK Contractor Pensions provide the perfect opportunity available to contractors who are looking to plough their hard earned income into their own pocket, and who want to keep it away from the glare of the tax man.

Pensions are, therefore, a great way to invest as they attract tax relief at the investor’s highest marginal rate of tax. UK Contractor Pensions let you avail of the significant tax breaks available from HMRC. So, you might as well make use of the current laws and avail yoursel of the benefits that accrue.

The tax relief available depends on the level of income. It can go up to 48% for contractors caught by IR35. That’s quite a lot of money.

UK Contractor Pensions providers often charge high admin fees to administer this niche pension product. However, our partners do not.

UK Contractor Pensions Services

Our UK contractor pension services allow you to choose flexible plans that takes into account your ability to stop, start or cease contributions on a monthly basis, and financial strength.

You can use important advice to understand the scope of investing in an EPP, a personal pension/stakeholder plan/executive pension. You can benefit fully from your pension investment.

So, to get more information or to apply for a Contractor Pension click here

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