85% Limited Company Returns for UK Contractors

85% Limited Company Returns
85% Limited Company Returns for UK contractors

85% Limited Company Returns


Contractors can now get 85% limited company returns on the money they earn.

UK Contractors are familiar with companies offering 85% returns and higher to contractors who want to sign up with offshore umbrella companies.

UK Contractors can keep a huge amount of their money more than they could by operating through an onshore umbrella company in the UK.

However, UK contractors have no need to go offshore if they want 85% returns on their money.

They can get, therefore, 85% limited company returns while all the money stays onshore. Also, they can continue to use their own limited company while getting these top limited company returns.

They can do this by efficient tax planning and making use of Government tax breaks and incentives.

There are various ways of doing this. With all of them you can use your own limited company and all the money remains onshore.

Various Limited Company Returns

So, here is one company which allows you to operate your own limited company and keep your money onshore.

They all use different methods to do so, using existing Government legislation and tax incentives.

This results, therefore, in efficient tax planning for UK contractors and gets them returns of 85% or more.

BestPay Umbrella Company Alternative

BestPay have a brand new tax-effective method which consists of you using your own limited company which has a high uptake with contractors. To learn more, you should fill in the form at BestPay Umbrella Company Alternatives



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