Agencies Returning Calls | Why They Don’t Do It


Agencies Returning Calls


A reader sent us this question as regards agencies returning calls and why they don’t do it more.

Agencies Don’t Return Calls

One question I want to ask to the readers here is why agencies never get back to you when they say they will. They always say “we’ll get back to you when there’s any news”¬Ě but they don’t.

Contract job atgencies
Contract Job Agencies

I’ve lost count of the number of times my CV has been sent out or I have been sent for an interview and been told by agencies that they’ll get back to me when there’s any news.

What they mean is that they’ll get back to you if there’s good news. In fact they’ll be all over you then. If there’s bad news they seldom inform you.

Interview News or Contract News

In fact it annoys them when you phone up to ask the latest status.

Their attitude seems to be “unless we tell you it’s good news, then assume that it is bad news”.

However, when you are sitting at home day after day wondering if you have got an interview or a contract job you really want to know the news as soon as it happens, good or bad.

Contract Job Prospects

Surely it is not outwith the ability of agencies to devise some way of keeping contractors abreast of the latest situation as regards.

Could nobody come up with some software that contractors can look at on the internet that shows the latest status of their contract  job prospect?

When their CV is sent out they could be given a code. They could then monitor the status of the possible contract. This would save agencies returning calls if they are too busy.

Looking for Contract Leads

Agencies say that they are too busy looking for leads and new contracts to be phoning round contractors all the time to keep them up to date. They say this is what prevents agencies returning calls.

However, the current situation is unsatisfactory. It is a big bugbear with contractors.

Surely somebody somewhere could sort it all out.

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