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Spamming References
Spamming references is one of the filthiest tricks that recruitment companies get up to in their dealings with contractors.

How this scam operates is this@-

An agency gets someone to phone round contractors who are currently working.

They say that they are calling round just to keep the contractors’ details up to date so better to get them a contract when their current contract ends.
Clients Asking for References
They ask them what company they are currently working for and when their contract ends.

They then tell them that some of their clients need to take references before they will even see contractors.

This is, in the vast majority of cases, a huge lie.

Hardly any companies take references for contractors – especially in the private sector and especially before they even see them.
What Recruitment Agencies Really want
What agencies want is the following:-

 The names of companies that take on contractors
The name of the person in that company responsible for hiring contractors
The date that your contract is up for renewal so that they can send teh CVs of other contractors with the same skillset as you over to the client hoping to replace you.

That’s very nasty isn’t it?

Yet, so many recrutment agencies do it.

[caption id="attachment_865" align="alignnone" width="225"] Spamming References as recruitment agencies do[/caption]


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