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Contractor Job References
Very few clients ask for contractor job references. They are not taking on the contactor for years. It’s only for a few months and so they usually relie on the CV and the interview to see if the contractor is any good.

However, unscrupulous agencies are always telling contractors that they need to supply references from previous contracts even to be put forward for the contract.

One ex-agent told me that in all his time as an agent, hardly any clients, indeed he said it was less than 1%, said they needed references before even seeing a contractor.
Spamming References
The real reason that agencies ask contractors to supply references is that the agency wanst to know the names of companies who take on contractors, the department taking them on and the person responsible for hiring them.

They then contact the person, or people, trying to sell other contractors to them with similar skills.

It’s not very nice and it’s underhand – but they all do it.

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