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Recruitment Agency Tricks
It has to be experinced to be believed all the recruitment agency tricks that they get up to that impact contractors negatively.

One of the most common is when they call up contractors telling them they have a possible contract for them.

They say that the client needs to take references for the contractor.

They then ask the contractor which company they are currently working for and who they can ask for references here for the contractor (only to be used if the contractor is likely to be offered the contract).
Spamming References
It’s known, in the trade, as spammig references.

Of course all the agency really want to know is the name of a company who takes on contractors and the name of the person hiring them.

Some of them even ask the contractor when his, or her, contract is up.

The unscrupulous agency then phones the company a month before the contractor’s contract is up for renewal saying that they had someone with similar skills but better than this contractor.

It’s slimy way of working but most of them do it. That’s just one of the reasons why contractors don’t like recruitment agencies.

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