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Recruitment Agency Commission
Agencis ask contractos how much they charge client companies for their services.

They, then, add their recruitment agency commission to that figure before they tell the client what the contractor will cost them.

Normally agencies will take anywhere between 10% and 20% of what a client pays for a contractor. Any less than that and the contractor can pat himself, or herself, on the back and say that he, or sehe has neotiated a good deal.

In the past, though, we’ve heard of agencies taking 50% or more of what a client pays for a contractor

Any more than 20% and contractors would say that agencies were ripping them off.

The big problem is that contractors seldom know what the agency is adding on to their rate in terms of commission.

Agencies will say that it is up to contractos to find out the market rate for their skills and services.

However, taking 30% or more of what a contractor earns when the contractor iis doing virtually all of the work would strike one as taking the mickey (and the cash).

Taking more than half would be positively immoral.

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