Crowdfunding Contractors

Crowdfunding Contractors

It’s been the phenomenon of the past year. Crowdfunding contractors have seen a massive growth in crowdfunding opportunities.

Crowdfunding suits UK contractors and freelancers down to the bone.

Just an explanation of what crowdfunding is, first of all, for those that don’t know.

Crowdfunding Opportunities

It is an opportunity to invest in businesses or property or to contribute to charity.

For instance, contractors often like to invest in property. They don’t really know the market but have to make their own judgements when buying a property.

They then have to find someone to rent it out to. Usually they would have to pay an estate agent a commission. They usually have to maintain it or find someone to maintain it.

Investing in Crowdfunding Opportunities

With crowdfunding contractors don’t need to do this and they don’t have to stump up the whole of the price of a property.

If, say, a house was £100,000, the contractor might decide thate he wanted to invest £5,000. He or she would own 5% of the house then.

He, or she, would be a shareholder in it. He, or she, would get regular monthly income from a property management company who would maintain the property.

Tech Startup Crowdfunding Opportunites

It would be the same thing with, say, a tech startup company who wanted to raise funds for a good, innovative, idea. The crowdfunding contractors could invest as much or as little as they liked.

It is excellent for contractors. Contractors double the money they were previously making as an employee when the become contractors.

All that extra is spare money. Contractors are always looking for opportunities to invest their cash. However, they don’t have the knowledge how to like, say, accountants would.

Also, their limited companies are only worth the cash that is in them. unlike with solicitors or accountants who have partnerships or firms which are saleable.

So, they have no nest egg for the future other than their pensions or the saved cash that they have earned.

Stock Market or Property Market

Contractors tend to invest in the Stock Market or in property. However, they tend to miss out on startup opportunites.

Much of the money is made in investing early in a company before it has come to market. Large amounts of money can be made if they get it right.

One crowdfunding company whom we spoke to said that most of the people who invest in the crowdfunding opportunities that they get are IT Contractors.

Get to the Front of the Crowdfunding Contractors Queue

Over the coming months we will be posting many crowdfunding opportunities from multiple companies on this website. However, many of these opportunites get taken up completely within hours of being posted.

If you want to become a crowdfunding contractor, and be told immediately about these opportunities to get ahead of the gang, just fill in the form below and we will notify you, by email, immediately when a crowdfunding opportunity comes up.

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