Contractor Moneymaking

Contractor Moneymaking

There aren’t that many opportunities for contractor moneymaking. UK Contractors usually invest in the stock market. Some buy second and third properties and let them out.

However, UK contractor moneymaking opportunities are rare beyond these.

Even when contractors buy shares it is usually at a time when both the economy and the stock market are booming and they are on good contracts.

Just when they need the money most, i.e. when the economy has stalled and they are out of work, the stock market stalls as well. Indeed usually the stock market falls before the economy falters. It is a leading indicator.

So, by the time that the poor economy puts the contractor out of work, the value of his or her stock market portfolio has withered as well.

It’s the same with the property market too. It is falling just when the contractor needs the money most – when he, or she, is out of work.

Contractor Moneymaking Opportunities in Crowdfunding

We are going to look out for contractor moneymaking opportunities.

One such is crowdfunding. It is the new rage in the past year. There are plenty of contractor moneymaking opportunities there.

In crowdfunding you can decide to buy a share in, say, a property, rather than buy the property yourself.

It is a moneymaking opportunity for contractors as they don’t have the hassle of buying, maintaining or renting the property itself. This would all be done by an expert property buyer and management agents.

All the contractor has to do is buy a share in the property and then await the rental income from the property.

Crowdfunding Tech Startups

Crowdfunding also enables contractor moneymaking opportunities amongst IT Contractors.

Many of the crowdfunding activities take place among startup tech shares. IT Contractors can assess these and have a good idea which ones will succeed and have the opportunity to invest in something that they know has a great chance of success.

Of course, it cuts out the banks who used to lend to small start-up businesses. I’m afraid no one will feel too sorry for them.

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