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Successful Contracting

Successful Contracting There are several aspects to successful contracting. Here are some of them:- Having good skills when you start contracting. Making sure you know the market rate before you start and negotiating a good contract rate Getting a contract before quitting your permanent job. Getting on well with the permanent staff Having a good relationship with your client Working hard in your first month to make your reputation Keeping in contract permanently even if you have to lower your rate Negotiating a good rate on renewal Acting quickly when you are not being renewed in order to get another contract and keep working (and earning) Keeping abreast of the top skills and the top paying skills Getting into good sectors like banking and finance and staying there Investing well for the future, using your money to make money [caption id="attachment_918" align="alignnone" width="215"] Successful Contracting - Becoming rich as a contractor[/caption]

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