Best Contractor Mortgages

Best Contractor Mortgages

The best contractor mortgages can be got through Tony Harris. He has been a contractor mortgage broker for years. He used to only get them for IT Contractors. However, he can get them for all contractors now.

The reason he has the best contractor mortgages is partly down to himself. It’s also partly down to those contractors who borowed through him, previously.

Before Tony Harris came along it was very difficult for contractors to get mortgages at all. They were looked upon as risky. They didn’t have full time jobs and regular income.

High Street Banks

High street banks and building societies insisted on contractors producing three years worth of accounts. This, effectively, meant that contractors had to have been contracting for nearly four years before they could get a mortgage.

Also, they were only offered a multiple of their director’s salary. Most contractors take a lot of money in dividends. They pay themselves a low salary.

So, that was no good. They would have done better to get a mortgage when they were still a permie. They could have got more.

It was a huge problem for previous generations of contractors.

Tony Harris’s Opportunity

Where there’s a problem there is an opportunity. Tony Harris recognized that.

Best Contractor Mortgages
Tony Harris

He persuaded lenders to loan contractors money. There was a low level of default on these mortgages. Tony built up his credibility with the lenders.

As a result Tony offers the best contractor mortgages on the market. His contractors who took out mortgages have helped him to build credibility.

Now, Tony can often get contractors better rates than they can get in the marketplace with his specialist contractor mortgages. As everyone knows, the best contractor mortgages are the cheapest ones.

Find the Best Contractor Mortgages

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