Who Owns Clients – the Agency or the Contractor?

Owns Clients - Contractor or Agency
Owns Clients - Contractor or Agency

Owns Clients


This take on who owns clients is from a reader in response to our article from an IT Agent ‘Ten Reasons the Client belongs to the Agency and not the Contractor’.

Paying the Contractor

Funny then that agents try to get out of paying the contractor when the client doesn’t pay (or delays payment). The agency merely brings client and contractor together.

Clients don’t see IT contractors as “employees” – if they did they would hire a permie.

Without contractors agencies would be out of business.

Owns Clients
Owns Clients – agency or contractor

Not only do contractors provide the service but agents often try and manipulate contractors into giving them leads because they’re too lazy to cold call and create new genuine new business, themselves.

Multiple Agencies

They also steal clients from each other. It is ridiculous that multiple agencies advertise the same job.

Maybe this is a bit harsh – IT agents do have a role to play, and many of the established one’s are very good and trustworthy – but they must drop their arrogance and deceit.

Don’t try and tell me that marking IT contractors up by 30% or more is not exploitation!

Be up front with contractors about your mark up percentage (the contractor will find out sooner or later anyway).

Professional Recruitment Companies

Agents needs to be a lot more professional – most have little or no knowledge of the technical skills clients are looking for.

There’s nothing more irritating than being continually harassed by agents who have little or no education (drove a white van before this job, mate!), as if we were part of a washing machine or car deal rather than the professionals we are.

I also know clients who would like to cut out agents entirely and work with contractors direct.

Recruitment Consultant
Recruitment Consulant for Contract Agency

Contractors also need to act more like professional businessmen rather than “disguised employees”.

One of the chief reasons I am a contractor is because I have previously run my own business and am uncomfortable with the boss – employee type of relationship.

I believe that it is the contractor who owns clients and not the agency who owns clients.

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