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Recruitment Agency Service
Recruitment Agency Service to Contractors

A reader posted this article on recruitment agency service as Comments.

Shocking Recruitment Agency Service

I still find the level of agency service shocking.

Take a couple of days ago I sent my CV in for a job and got 16 missing calls from the guy on my mobile. I can’t have mobiles where I am.

I finally spoke to the guy at the recruitment agency and he was very rude because I hadn’t taken the call earlier.

Agency Experiences
Agency Experiences for contractors

We speak about the job and I explain that it’s not really me.

He insists on a telephone interview.

Agency Dirty Tricks

I obviously have the cheek to ask for the name of the company he is actually putting me forward to. He gets all defensive and says he will ring back.

Another “consultant” rings me back asking all kinds of technical questions completely unrelated to the role.


Because when I asked for the name of the company they thought I was another “consultant” actually applying for the job to get the lead.

That’s a new one on me, but it wouldn’t surprise me at all, knowing the recruitment agency service and most of their dirty tricks.

Telephone Interview

Anyway I had the telephone interview.

So, we both agreed my skills weren’t relevant.

A fair amount of time was actually spent discussing the agent and the service. Guess what? There was no phone call from the “consultant” to say I hadn’t been successful at the interview.

Greedy Agencies
Greedy Agencies ripping off contractors

This was despite him giving the sales pitch on how their agency service different to other agencies and the fact that he tried me 16 times a couple of days before.

The time before this, the last agent I spoke to had just advertised a job to get leads.

Jeeez, with this level of service, they wonder why people dislike them so much.

They turned out to be just like any other agency I’ve dealt with.



  1. Unsurprising. As with estate agents, there are some terrible people out there (who make the good ones look bad unfortunately). I never speak to agents any more unless they can say who their client is and if they’ve got a job description because, unless they’ve got an early PSL-type view, they’re just blagging.


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