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Interview Rejection Reasons
Job Interview Rejection reasons

Interview Rejection Reasons – Why you didn’t get it


A reader sent us this, about interview rejection reasons. We would welcome other articles on contractor related topics from other readers.

Good Match

So many agencies tell you that they are putting you forward for a position, but the interviews don’t seem to appear.

You know that you are a good match for the position, so why don’t you hear anything.

The following interview rejection reasons come to mind.

Contract Rejection Reasons
Contract Rejection Reasons – why you didn’t get it
  1. The job doesn’t exist and the agency is just trying to get some free information from you.
  2. Again, the job exists, but the agency is not on the preferred suppliers list.
  3. The job exists, but the agency has put forward a small selection of the matching cv’s and you are not in that selection.
  4. The job exists, but you were not really suitable, or the client chose someone else.

What To Do to Find Out Rejection Reasons

So, what’s the best thing to do when you want to know your interview rejection reasons? This is business and you need work.

Why not phone up the client direct?

After all, if the agency has told you a company name, then there is a good chance that there was a job there.

Ask for HR and tell them that you are a candidate (Otherwise they may not speak to you).

Failed Interviews
Failed Interviews -using them for future contracts

Ask the Question

Tell them that you understand that there is a position available in their company, but you are not sure if anyone sent them your CV.

They will probably ask which agency, but tell them you can’t remember who put you forward.

Most companies will tell you if they can find your CV or not, probably they can’t.

If your CV is there, you have confirmation that you have been put forward, it’s a good agency after all, but save the phone number and contact details of the company.

If you don’t get the job, you know they use your skills and you could contact them directly later.

Apply Direct

When you find that your CV is not forward, ask them if you can apply direct.

Most companies will say yes, and your CV will be expected by HR.

Who better to get your CV to the correct manager? You can phone a few days later and get ‘proper’ feedback.

Getting Contracts from successful interviews
Getting Contracts from successful interviews

Now, if you apply direct and get the job and they didn’t put you forward, is the agency entitled to commission?

Of course not. It’s just a sales lead.

Is it ethical? Of course it is. It’s a good sales lead that the agency didn’t use.

This is business.

Ask yourself, If the agency phoned up the company, told them that they didn’t put you forward for a job, but they want commission anyway, how long would it take for the HR department to stop laughing?



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