Contract Interview Technique – A Great New One

Contract Interview Technique
Contract Interview Technique that you can use to your advantage

Contract Interview Technique


I discovered this contract interview technique by chance and only very recently at that.

I was going to see one of the customers of this website.

Although, I won’t embarrass the person by giving the name or any details.

Taxi Journey to Client

However, I flew over from Ireland and then got a taxi from the airport to the customer’s premises.

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Interview Questions Preparation

Instead of getting a taxi outside the airport, however, the company that I was going to see suggested that I use the taxi driver that they used. He would be able to pick me up at the airport and would know exactly where my customer’s building was.

I thought that that this was a good idea. It would cut down the chances of error and being late.

I got talking to the taxi driver on the way over and that is when I discovered the new contract interview technique.

Good Rundown

From him I got a good rundown of the company that I was going to see as well as on the Chairman, Managing Director and other people at the company that I would be meeting.

Luckily it was all positive.

I wouldn’t be writing this if it wasn’t. I’m no fool.

He had good things to say about the Chairman.

Caught A Break

He had very good things to say about the Managing Director who I was going to see.

In fact, this guy caught a great break when he had the MD in his taxi and told him how he set up.

Successful Interviews by Contractors
Successful Interviews make Contractors rich

“I like what you are doing” said the MD. Let me have your number”.

And that was how the taxi driver got the account for the company and he is doing so well now that he is thinking of purchasing a Merc next.

The Facts I got From this Contract Interview Technique

In fact I got a good rundown on the person I was visiting (unsolicited I have to say – in case he reads this).

Before I even got in the building I felt I knew all about him.

The taxi driver was a big fan of his.

Competitive Advantage

It set me thinking that this was an obvious way of getting an advantage on other people who are going to the same IT Contract interview as you are.

If it’s a bit out of town, or in one of those business parks, take the train rather than a car and ask whoever organises these things at the company if you could use the taxi driver that the company uses, to pick you up from the station (you could even drive there and park the car at the station).

You could say that it made sense as they would know how to get you there.

Winning Interview Techniques
Winning Interview Techniques help you get contracts

Excellent Opportunity

It would be an excellent opportunity to get the low down on the people at the company, what kind of people they are, and, hopefully, the person who is going to interview you.

You know that taxi drivers like nothing better than to talk – and to tell you things.

It’s never a problem to get them to croak – on anything at all.

“I’m going to see X McG. Have you had him in the cab before? What’s he like” is going to get you a good rundown on the person that is about to interview you.

Extra Knowledge from New Contract Interview Technique

“I hear you follow X football team” you could say to the interviewer when you get there or “I hear you are interested in this”.

If you’re shameless you could say you are interested in it too. It could be true, I suppose.

He or she’ll usually be quite pleased that you know something about them and it helps break the ice too if you bring up something they like to talk about right at the start of the interview.

Remember that most interviews are got in the first 2 minutes.

If they like you initially and can relate to you right away you stand a great chance of getting the contract. This is an instant impact contract interview technique.

Taxi Driver Dead Right

By the way, the taxi driver was dead right.

He described the company, the place and the individuals to a tee.

Interview Tips
Interview Tips for contractors

When contractors are going for interview they’ve always got to try and find some way of getting an advantage on the interviewees.

It could be that you are better, more experienced and more knowledgeable than the others.

If not, knowing something about the company and the interviewer before you get there could give you competitive advantage on the other candidates.

It’s worth a shot at this contract interview technique.

And all it’ll cost you is a taxi fare!



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