Contract Interview Test Questions – Contractors Feeding each Other

Contract Interview Test Questions
Contract Interview Test Questions - contractors feeding each other

Contract Interview Test Questions


What if you knew the contract interview test questions before you went in for the interview?

Aussie contractor site picked up our article “I lied on my CV and at the interview and now I have the job”. Here is one of the replies to it.

Pretty Bad

I think this is pretty bad to be honest as regards the Contract Interview Test Questions.

He’s not simply lying on his resume. He’s cheating the recruitment process and maybe putting someone more suited out of a job at the same time.

Successful Interviews
Successful Interviews make successful contractors

Some recruitment processes can get a little complex at times. So, failing a tech test doesn’t mean you can’t do the job.

Cheating at the Interview

But I see this as different. This person ‘admits’ he can’t do the job and has cheated on the interview test questions and interview process by using knowledge of the process.

The world doesn’t owe him a wage – and neither does this company.

I run my own company and dread to think of hiring someone who’s cheated at the contract interview test questions just to get some cash for a few weeks.

As I said, there are plenty of times when people don’t pass the interview process and can’t answer the interview test questions but could do the job. In this case its the company that loses out.

However, this candidate ‘knows’ he can’t do it – hoping he will learn even if they eventually kick him out.

Psychometric Test

This reminds me of a similar situation 4 yea

Failed Interviews
Failed Interviews -using them for future contracts

rs ago. A friend of mine was recruiting for Macq Bank.

They put all the candidates through a psych-test (still do) and he was looking on the internet to see the style of test so he could advise his candidate.

He happened across an Indian tech forum that had hundreds of its members posting the details of interview test questions from all the big companies.

Interview Test Questions Farce

He was stunned. He called me over and showed me a forum post that read “Hi I’m going for an interview at Macq bank in Sydney in 3 days time etc etc.

“I have been told what to say in order to get past the interview. However can you guys post the tests that they conduct?”

He had several responses – one however was highly detailed.

List of Interview Test Questions

It gave a whole list of the interview test questions given by the bank and the answers that would likely lead to success.

The forum had been viewed hundreds of time and there were many other well known companies on the forum.

I’m not sure what this says about tests – but for a large company I would rotate my interview process / questions on a regular basis.



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