CV Lies Contractors Successfully Use

CV Lies
CV Lies that contractors tell successfully

CV Lies Contractors Get Away With


Do you have any CV Lies? Is your CV completely the truth?

Most of us at least ‘enhance’ or CVs. However, some contractors get away with complete whoppers and their CVs are full of ‘little white lies’.

Yet, they get away with it. This was taken from the Forums of another contractor website, now defunct.

Contractor Lies on CV
Contractor Lies on CV now illegal

Is There Anyone Who Doesn’t Lie on Their CV?

Is there a contractor or recruiter out there who has a completely honest and accurate CV?

Here’s some Lies that I’ve got away with:-

  1. Saying that I was at contracts longer than I was in order to cover up the gaps.
  2. Putting down I had a Maths degree.
  3. Saying I had more experience of skills than I actually had.
  4. Putting mates of mine as referees, saying that I reported in to them.
  5. Saying that I worked in Australia to cover a big gap in my CV. They’re never going to check with them.
  6. Once I got older I started taking years off my CV.
  7. I put that I had given talks on Project Management to august bodies like the CBI, the BCS and the Institute of Project Managers (do they exist?)
  8. Saying that I was an Analyst / Programmer when I was a straight programmer. That got me my first contract as an Analyst.
  9. Saying I was a Project Leader when I was just an Analyst feeding two programmers. That got me my first contract as a Project Leader.
  10. Saying I was a Project Manager when I was a Project Leader. That got me my first contract as a Project Manager.
CV Screening
CV Screening is becoming more common

From Programmer to Project Manager via CV Enhancements

It all sounds very plausible, doesn’t it? It sounds all too easy.

It’s amazing the lies on your CV you can get away with becasue so few of those interviewing contractors ever check up on what they say.

This guy had a very successful career moving from Programmer to Project Manager just through a series of CV Lies.

Would you do it?

Have you done it?

The next stage is then bluffing interviews.

And then it is handling agencies.



  1. Permies love it when they debunk contractors who lied to get their position. If they’re any good they’ll spot someone who’s a fraud within days.


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