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Winning Interview Techniques
Winning Interview Techniques help you get contracts

Winning Interview Techniques


A client hirer wrote Winning Interview Techniques.

Interview Weak Points

My favourite ‘grenade’ they throw at candidates at an interview is, after they ask the candidate what his or her strong points are, the interviewer then follows up by asking what their weak points are.

Anyone who answers that honestly doesn’t deserve to hold a job. If you answer it honestly, you probably won’t get one either.

A friend of mine once, when they asked him what his weak points were, replied that he cried at sad movies. The interviewer was tickled by this and he got the job.

Interview Questions
Interview Questions Preparation

The best way to deflect this grenade, however, is to give an answer that you say is a weakness, but the interviewer sees as a strength.

Answering difficult interview questions is a technique you must have.

Giving a Good Answer

One such answer would be that you sometimes throw yourself into the job too much, or that you sometimes don’t notice that it is 5 o’clock as you are concentrating so hard, causing you to miss trains or appointments.

When I’ve interviewed people, I’ve known that they are doing this, but I’ve given them plus points for being able to talk their way out of it.

I never had much respect for people who blurted out that they were a bit careless sometimes, or they needed to check their work a bit more before submitting it. No one wants a naive fool working for them. You need winning interview techniques if you want to succeed.

Don’t Beg for Contract Job

One thing not to do at an interview is to make it seem as if your pleading for a job. Don’t say that you really need the job and you won’t let the company down if you get the job.

Successful Interviews
Successful Interviews make successful contractors

The interviewer will squirm. He, or she, will act in the same way as when approached by a beggar at one of those mainline train stations, and will want to get away from the interview as quick as possible.

You will find that the interviewer was quite positive, but you will be surprised how short the interview was.

One of those winning interview techniques is to do your preparations about the company. Have a look at their internet site to find out what they do, and some background information on them.

If you can sound knowledgeable about the company, this shows that you are someone who does their homework, and prepares well. It shows that they will do their preparation and homework well when given the job. This is a home banker.

Flattering the Interviewer

Another of the winning interview techniques is flattery. It’s amazing how much flattery that you can get away with.

A friend of mine, in our senior year at school, told me that his technique with girls, was, when walking them home from a dance, he would tell them how, with the moon and the stars out and his arm around her, how much affection and love he felt for her and followed that up with a kiss.

He said it worked every time.

The same applies with interviewers. They usually like the company they are with. They like the tools and languages that they are using. Yet again, they like the type of company that it is and the culture.

Getting Contracts from successful interviews
Getting Contracts from successful interviews

Picking Interviewers

That’s usually why their picked to do the interviewing. They don’t usually pick people who hate the company to do it.

Tell them, that you’ve heard all about the company. You think that it would be a good company to work for.

If it is a large company, like IBM or Accenture, tell them that you have always wanted to work at a company that is so well respected in the industry. Say it would give you better career opportunities.

They will agree with you.

Dynamic Companies

If it is a small company, then tell them that you feel that you would rather work for a young dynamic company like theirs, rather than for IBM or Accenture. Say that it would give you better career opportunities.

They will agree with you.

Pick the most modern tool, language or method that they have, and tell them how much you are looking forward to using this particular piece of technology. Just as with my schoolfriend’s girls, you will be amazed at how much flattery that you can get away with.

Even if they know you’re doing it (and they normally won’t), they won’t mind. It is a skill that could be put to good use with users or customers.

Difficult Interview Questions
Difficult Interview Questions – how to answer them

Be Nice to Receptionists

When you are waiting for an interview, be very nice to those on reception. It’ll do you no harm if the receptionist or secretary says to the interviewer, who will know the receptionist very well, “He/She seemed a very nice young man/woman. Is he getting the job”?

The kiss of death would be if they said, “I didn’t like him/her at all, he/she seemed very rude and arrogant”.

Both of these scenarios have happened to me when I’ve been interviewing. No one wants someone at their company who is rude or arrogant towards the receptionist or secretary.

Definitely don’t say anything racist or sexist at the interview, thinking that the interviewer will agree with you.

The percentage of these people are quite small in percentage terms in IT. Even if they are racist or sexist themselves, they will worry what sort of effect that you will have on their multiracial and multi-sexual organisation.

Quit When You’re Winning

Lastly, if you think that you’ve got the job, don’t take up any invitation to go to the local bar afterwards with the interviewer to meet some of the ‘crew’.

There’s always the chance that, with a few beers down your throat, that you might say something that will make them change their minds.

It is also quite likely that there will be someone amongst the ‘crew’ who won’t like you or something that you said, and will say so. This may cause the interviewer to have second thoughts about whether you will fit in or not.

I’ve seen this happen too.

Stick to the winning interview techiques and you will keep ahead of the crowd and become a successful contractor.



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