Tories Pulling Wool over Contractors’ Eyes?

Tories and UK Contractors
Tories and UK Contractors - unfulfilled promises

Tories Contractor Policies


We published this November 2009, just before the election in 2010 that brought the Conservatives into power and we publish it again without comment.

Labour and Tories

The Labour Government haven’t been great for IT Contractors or contractors in general.

They gave us IR35 and are importing cheap IT labour in competition with us at a greater rate than any other country in the world.

It would be quite right for contractors groups to talk to the Tories to try and get them to do something different.

IR35 Tax, IR35 legislation, Inside IR35
IR35 Tax and the Tories

Contractors Groups

However, the Conservatives are being a bit fly over this.

The Tories only give winks and nods to Contractors Groups over both Work Permits and IR35.

“We’ll look at it again” they say rather than promise to do something about it.

They must think we are mugs.

Taxes Like IR35

It would be strange for the party of business to tell their donors that they are going to stop them importing cheap labour.

It would also be strange for them to cut off an existing tax like IR35 when they say that big cuts in Government spending along with tax increases are needed.

The Tories are thinking that they probably don’t have to make any direct promises to contractors.

The Tories think that at least “we’ll look at it again” is superior to “we won’t look at it again” and that that’s all they need to get the contractor vote at the next election.

Suspicious from Tories

However, the suspicion is very strongly that they have no intention of making much, if any, in the way of changes.

But, the Tories wouldn’t have to in order to get contractors votes.

They can just leave it vague.

IR35 Tax Net
IR35 Tax Net – Are You Caught?

Contractors and their representatives should not put up with this.

It is not good enough.

Condescending tone from Tories

It is also a bit condescending along the lines of “no need to bother your pretty little heads about that. Just vote for us and we’ll look at it again when we get in. We can’t make any promises now till we see the books”.


They make the promises and they put it in their manifesto – or they don’t get contractors votes.

All political parties should be told that there is probably something like around a million votes going spare – not even including spouses.

That could be a clincher for all parties and we won’t take being fobbed off with winks and nods.

Cast Iron Promises

Labour hasn’t done anything so we asked the Tories.

If the Tories won’t make the cast iron promises then we’ll see what the Liberal Democrats say.

Make no mistake.

If one political party is prepared to make definite promises to contractors then contractors groups and contractors websites should come out in support of them at the next election.

Contractors Votes Up for Grabs

Let’s play them off against each other.

No one appears to want those votes enough at the moment.

Staying Outside IR35
Staying Outside IR35 is crucial for contractors

However, they are up for grabs and shouldn’t be given to one party or another without cast iron promises that there will be change.

We shouldn’t give ourselves too cheaply.



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