Using Recruitment Company Agents | How to make best use of agencies

Using Recruitment Company Agents
Using Recruitment company Agents to get contract jobs

Using Recruitment Company Agents Well


A reader posted Using recruitment company agents | How to Make Best Use of Agencies.

Simple for Contractors

At the end of the day it is very simple.

All contractors have had at least one experience of working with a good agent.

Getting a Good Contract Rate from an agency
Getting a Good Contract Rate from an agency on a contract

All you need to do is build a relationship with that agent. The ideal scenario is that you never need to use another as they will keep you working for years.

You give them a heads up on roles internally and your intentions career wise, and he or she gives you a heads up on rates, the market situation and other opportunities.

Using agents well can give you a head start on your competition.

Getting a Good Rate by Using Agents Well

If you are using recruitment company agents correctly like this, then you will always get a good rate. You’ll always get a good job. You’ll always keep abreast of the market and the best moves for you.

Instead of spending your life feeling bitter about being ‘ripped off’ by an agency, you can enjoy your massive day rates to the full.

In terms of agents not being able to do anything else, this may well be true at the run of the mill high street agencies. However, if contractors had any sense they would be using a smaller niche agency anyway.

Could be a Contractor

I personally have a degree from a top university. Also, I have many years experience in many industry sectors in a variety of roles, as well as recruitment experience.

I think I could quite easily be a contractor. However, I’m yet to meet an IT contractor who could do any of the job’s I’ve done in my life!

Good Recruitment Agencies
Good Recruitment Agencies working with contractors

Maybe if all the IT contractors who have been so hard done by got together and opened up the perfect agency, there wouldn’t be the need for any other agencies.

That agency would be one that:-

  1. knew their market perfectly,
  2. had only the best blue-chip clients,
  3. secured you interviews within hours for every role applied for, and
  4. didn’t take a margin.

Until then we need each other. So play the market to your advantage, using recruitment company agents well, and we’ll all be happy!



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