Interim Manager Demand Set to Soar

Interim Manager Demand
Interim Manager Demand set to soar

Interim Manager Demand

According to new research from Robert Half Management Resources, Interim Manager demand is set to go through the roof in the next year.

It seems that 90% of Finance Directors and Chief Financial Officers expect to be working with experienced Interim Managers in the next year.

Contract Rates are rising
Contractor Rates Rising
They prefer to buy in this skill, especially in project management, to manage transition over a limited period of time.

Interim Project Managers

46% of Finance Directors expect to be bringing in Interim Project Managers.
34% of them expect to bring in Interim Managers for Business Transformation.
27% want management and leadership enhancement from interim managers.
Other main areas that interim managers are wanted for are Business Continuity (27%) and Change Management (9%).

Highly Rated

They are rated highly by client companies.
They give them a rating of 84% for cost effectiveness and 82% for efficiency.
 38% of companies say that their success can be evaluated via cost savings with a futher 37% saying they bring increased efficiency and performance.
Other advantages that they bring are in the soft skills like mentoring and knowledge transfer.

Experienced Managers

Said Luke Davis of Robert Half

Rich Contractors Strategies
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‘With increased scrutiny of financial expenditure and the current added pressure of financial year-end, it is not surprising that so many CFOs and FDs plan to engage interim managers to help deal with these demands.
“The benefits these highly-skilled professionals can provide also indirectly benefit the existing employees of the businesses through mentoring, sharing current best practices and bringing in a new perspective or solution.”

Rates for Interim Managers

It seems that that the Interim Manager demand is increasing, pushing the rates that companies have to pay for them northwards.
They already get quite a premium to the average contractor.
With the savings they can make for companies and the business benefits accrued from using them, it looks like they can really cash in over the coming years starting with this year.


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