End of Permanent Jobs – No Such Things Exist Now

End of Permanent Jobs
End of Permanent Jobs - there's no such thing now

End of Permanent Jobs is a comment after one of our articles.

End of  Permanent Jobs

Is this the end of permanent jobs?

There is no such thing as a permanent job as there was in the old days where people worked their whole life at companies.

It still amazes me in this day and age that people in the UK believe that such a thing exists.

Am I the only person who lwas there the ’80s, Thatcherism and the ‘there is no such thing as Society’ speech?

permie workers
permie workers at a company

Companies make their employers jump through endless hoops. They have to work many hours above and beyond for what they get their pay.

They have to meet performance criteria each year. When the company no longer needs them, they are ruthless and dump that person.

Miserable People in Permanent Jobs

Worse, quite often companies these days will make the working life of someone they wish to get rid of absolutely miserable. They make them so miserable that he or she resigns and saves the company a redundancy package.

Similarly, you can work for an organisation, absolutely love it, get on well with your bosses and quite happily work longer hours without pay simply because you love the job. Then your boss changes or your company Changes ownership and different bosses come in.

So, suddenly you find you are no longer ‘loved’ at work. All your extra previous effort is ignored or simply not known by the new bosses and you are dumped into a crappy position.

They begin to make your life hell because they want you out but do not want to pay the redundancy.

Good to Bad In Permanent Jobs

I saw this at one technology company where people had permanent jobs.

It had a policy of rewarding staff with extra pay, holidays, ‘fun-days’. It created such a good working environment that it was nigh impossible to get staff to go home.

Turn Permie
Turn Permie – what to do when asked to do so

People loved working for this company and it flourished. They loved their permanent jobs there and stayed.

Then some new bosses in permanent jobs – just a handful – came in to the middle layer. They saw how open the culture was. They exploited it for their own ends and rose up the corporate ladder.

Once they had some power they began to make lives sheer hell for staff who had once been dedicated. Within 18 months, many staff had either resigned or had been pushed & bullied out of their jobs. It was not nice.

I think, herefore, we have seen the end of permanent jobs.

See Contractor To Perm – What to Do When the ask You to Do it.



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