Current Client renewed me but I have Interview Arranged

Current Client renewed contract
Current Client renewed contract

Current Client Renewed Me


Reader’s Question – a Current Client renewed him but he has an interview set up.

Dear Sir,

I have been looking for new IT Contracts recently as it has come closer to the end of my IT contract.

I have an interview set up on Friday. However, since they set up the interview they gave me a contract renewal at my current client. What should I do? I don’t like letting people down and the agency seem very keen.

Should I go to the interview just to please the agency, or should I just tell them that my current client gave me a contract renewal?

Tells Lies to a Client
Tells Lies to a Client for anotherclient

UKContractor Reply

If you’re worried about upsetting people, just think how much more upset they would be if you actually get the job and then turn them down.

The agency would be on the phone to you all the time trying to talk you into taking it.

They don’t give up easily when they have a juicy morsel just waiting to devour. They’ll try everything from cajoling to anger.

If it’s just about upsetting people I would definitely tell them now that you’ve got a renewal at your current client.

Go For the Interview

What would I do in that situation if a current client renewed me?

I’d go to the interview!

If it was a job that I wanted, I’d tell my current client that I wasn’t renewing if I did not yet sign the contract.

If I did sign it I’d give a month’s notice. Even if there is no notice clause in the contract I’d still tell the current client that I wanted to go.

No one wants to keep on a worker who doesn’t want to work there.

Even if I decided that I wanted to keep my present contract I’d still go to the interview. This is one for the future. This is a potential future client for when you’ve finished your present contract.

Future Prospects Database

I’d get as many contact details as possible when I was there, e.g. telephone number, email address. One should make a contract database of  all the places where one has been for interview, and even those places where one’s CV was sent.

Bypassing Agencies
Bypassing Agencies and going direct to the client

These are the places that are likely to take you in the future.

You might even be able to go direct sometime down the line.

Even if they don’t take people direct, you can ask them which agencies are on the Preferred Supplier List and then do a deal with one of those.

People in IT don’t do enough in the way of marketing themselves, or indeed of keeping a marketing database. Everyone who wants to see you is a potential future client.

So, you should take these opportunities and nurture them, not throw them away.




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