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Contractor Agents Who Work on the Inside was sent to us by one of readers in the Comments section.

Double Agents

Obviously this original post is actually just a means of starting a flame but I can understand that some agents may feel that way about some contractors.

Here’s the thing though.

There are a lot of contractors that are actually agents as well.

Contractor Money Opportunities
Contractor Opportunities to hit Jackpot

Oh, how long would it take an intelligent contractor to think that they could do a better job than an agent.

The fact is that most of them cannot because it is a different mindset.

Important Point

However and this is the important point.

Those contractors that also run agencies work with you.

They manipulate you from inside the client’s domain.

They do this for their own gain and then they get you canned in order to bring someone else in that is “better for the client” and just happens to be from their own agency.

Contractor Agents Happen

Yep it happens.

It is business, people. I completely disagree with it but it happens.

Big clients are either too stupid to realise or are taking back handers from these contractor agents.

The reason Joe Bloggs contractor OR employee left their company may not have been because of the reason that they said.

It could be because the contractor OR employee working with them found them a gig with the competition for a couple of extra quid and then by moving that person was able to place their mate in there who will side with them on conversations and elevate them through the company.

Contractor Money Advice
Contractor Money Advice to make you a successful contractor

Up the Chain


Make extra money and get promotion up the chain as well.

Oh and you think that’s bad.

Seriously I have seen this happen on a number of occasions.

Vested Interests of Contractor Agents

Think next time you have an interview who is actually interviewing you and what their vested interests may be.

Oh they are employed by the company so that could not happen.

They are not allowed to do that if they are employed.

Seriously if you think that this does not happen then you are living in another world.

Stay in your small bubble because the world is not a nice place outside of it.

This happens to Agents as well, obviously.

Heading South

So next time, if you are an agent looking for a contractor try and ask yourself what actual vetting you need to do first.

I am a contractor but I can see where things are heading.

Alternatively you could be completely e-moral/unethical and work like these contractor agents also.

See also Handling Agencies – Ten Golden Rules forContractors.



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