Spamming References | Beware new agency trick

Spamming References by agencies
Spamming References by agencies - Contractors Beware

Spamming References


Spamming References is one of the most annoying thing agencies do in contractors’ minds. Not only does it never get them work but agencies spamming references could actually cost contractors jobs. It is one of their most devious and nasty tricks.

A reader posted this in our Comments section.

Spamming References
Spamming References as recruitment agencies do

The Approach

I just had one IT agency ring me today. Basically the conversation starts off by him saying:

  1. How wonderful I am, and that they only work with the top 5% of candidates and that I am one of the top candidates.

  2. When they put a candidate forward its always for an exclusive role that they have and that you will be the only person going forward for it (utter cr*p, no agency would ever just put one candidate forward for a role). As soon as he said this I knew where it was going.

  3. He asked what skills I had, and that they could help out if I needed any new skills. Very nice of them but complete cr*p as well.

  4. How they always work for the candidate, blah blah blah.

  5. How they aren’t like the others as they are IS09000 accredited! Yes I was just as confused?! Obviously this is now a seal of client standards!

Spamming References – The Sting

Asking for References
Asking for References – why agencies do it

We had been speaking for about 20 minutes at this point when of course the questions came in. “So where are you interviewing at the moment”?

Can we have references as trust is a two way thing (yes he did say that) and he needed to confirm where I was at.

At that moment, I simply hung up.

I normally have a go at them about them for spamming references but the bloke went on so much I really couldn’t be bothered.

And I just thought it would be a nice way to end his sales spiel, a simple click then a dial tone.



  1. Another tactic they recently used is to put you down for a role that’s already gone & say if you give me 2 current references I will ensure your CV is top of the pile (for the role which does not exist or has gone already!!).

    Never ever give references unless the role is subject to them after your offered it.


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