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Public Sector Contract Work
Public Sector Contract Work

Public Sector Contract Work


Public Sector Contract Work is often difficult to get. So, here is more information on how to get this public sector contract work.

Government PSL

The Government and Public sector use the Office of Government Commerce to set up a Preferred Supplier List (PSL) in IT to get their IT Contractors more cheaply.

They have set up the Specialist Contractors Framework Agreement.

They say that this, therefore, drives down the cost of hiring Contractors.

Government Purchasing Power

So, according to their site:-

“OGCbs Chief Executive, Hugh Barrett, said:

“This agreement is an excellent example of how government’s combined purchasing power can produce real value for money for public sector customers, and deliver savings which can be redirected to frontline services.”

“The Specialist Contractors Framework Agreement provides public sector organisations with access to contractor staff in four key areas (as attached).

“These are IT, HR, Finance & Audit and Project & Programme Management, plus a ‘One Stop Shop’ facility which allows customers to procure contractors from any combination of the categories listed together with a procurement specialism which can be called upon as required.”

The Lucky Ones for Public Sector Contract Work

The companies that the Government, therefore, uses to supply Contractors are as follows:-

Acumen Consortium
Certes Computing Limited
Elan Computing Ltd
Hays Specialist Recruitment
LA International Computer Consultants Ltd
Methods Consulting
Monarch Recruitment Ltd
Sand Resources Ltd
SGS Technology Project Services Limited

Don’t Get Public Sector Contract Work

So, there you are now!

If other agencies or companies put you forward for Public Sector contracts tell them that they are not on the Preferred Supplier List. So, use one of the ones that are on the list.

Prepare yourself though.

The reason is that the Government has negotiated this list so they can drive down their costs.

One always feels, however, that you get what you pay for.

You may be able to get loads of contractors at £350 instead of £400 a day but there may be a big difference in the quality, productivity, experience and ability of the two contractors.

Note:- This last is a snapshot in time and the list of agencies that get public sector contract work may change over time.

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