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Perfect Contract
Perfect Contract for a contractor

Perfect Contract


My Perfect Contract was posted as Comments by a reader. Would this be yours?

Just Perfect

My last IT Contract assignment was pretty much as perfect as it gets. So, here is what made my it perfect:-

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  1. I got a high rate.

  2. The client site was only 40 minutes away door to door.

  3. The company has a good corporate name for my CV.

  4. I had a great client relationship.

  5. They were nice and intelligent programme team members. So, I got on well with them all.

  6. It was interesting work which included a stint abroad to Australia to handle an interesting sideline project for the client.

  7. Best of all was being able to work out of my home office for a lot of the time and

8.  I had a  longish contract. Well, longer than usual in my field anyway!

The Contract Downsides

So, were there any downsides? The downsides were:-

1.  I was with an EB recruiter from hell.

2.  I had to go through agonising and difficult pre-hire negotiations lasting for weeks.

On the job difficulties were –

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Successful IT Contractor

3.  It was very long hours.

  1. The pressure and pace of work was quite high a lot of the time. I had to do six day weeks sometimes.
  2. The social side was virtually non-existent too. Although that was probably not helped by not being on site a lot of the time.

  3. Also the corporate culture was a bit too collaborative. In fact it was a far too collaberative for my natural decisive style.

Still that was better than a top down bullying style. However, I often thought to myself that you couldn’t blow your nose there without having a telecon about it first.

UK Contractors Comment

Very long hours with somtimes six days a week doesn’t sound like the perfect contract to me. You must love your work.

No social side and an agent from hell isn’t great either. So, if you add pressure of work to that too I think I wouldn’t call that perfect?

Does it sound to readers like the perfect contract?



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