Contract ended half way through

Contract Ended
Contract Ended early for contractor

Contract Ended


A reader sent us “Contract Ended half way through” asking for advice.

Feedback Wanted

I’d really like to get some feedback on companies signing up IT contractors for a specified time and then halfway through the IT contract they terminate the contract.

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In one specific case, a major financial institute signed me up for 6 months and thanks to some ‘drama queen’ stuff with one of the full time employees, they ended my contract.

I arrived 6 weeks late into the contract. Two previous IT contractors had left without giving reasons.

Contract Long Days

20 hour days became the norm for me to complete the training material and processes in the remaining 6 weeks.

Unfortunately, though I had nothing to do with the drama, I was the one whose contract ended before time.

This makes it appear as though you’re not good at what you do. Also, one becomes hesitant to ask such companies for a reference.

Contractors Abused

I personally feel, therefore,  larger companies abuse IT Contractors as they know we cannot afford to take them to court if we they end our contracts.

So, if anyone has suggestions on this, I’d really appreciate your feedback.

Dr McLaughlin’s IT Surgery

Although you don’t actually say it, I presume that you had a run in with the permanent employee who was the ‘drama queen’.

Otherwise why would they pick on you?

So, my advice would be simple.

Don’t involve yourself with arguments with the permanent employees.

In any battle they will win hands down.

Do the Job

Remember that they have taken you on to do a job.

If you don’t think it’s the best way to do the job or you think they are screwing up, so what.

Just leave it alone and take the money they are giving you.

It’s just not worth getting involved.

Project Success or Failure

I’ve seen contractors sulk or throw their hands up because Project Managers don’t take their advice as to how they’ve seen it done better elsewhere.

Let them screw up.

Just take the money and leave responsibility for the success or failure of a project with them.

Then you won’t get your contract ended before time.



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