Recruitment Agency Experiences – my experience of Agencies

Recruitment Agency Experiences
Recruitment Agency Experiences for contractors

Recruitment Agency Experiences


A reader posted Recruitment Agency Experiences – My Experience of Agencies as comments replying to a reply to one of our Confessions of an Agent articles.

“Most recruitment agents working in the technology sector are nothing like the person who wrote the Confessions article. The majority are professional, hard-working, articulate and above-all honest.”

In your dreams!

My agency experiences, therefore, are that most agents spend their time advertising jobs where they don’t actually have an ‘in’ with the client.

Contract Recruitment agency
Contract Recruitment agency get contractors jobs

Moreover, they advertise in the hope of building up their candidate database and getting in with a client – any client. That’s if a quality candidate is stupid enough to waste time on them.

Ageist Recruitment Agencies

Also, my experiences are that agencies may well perform provided you are less than 35 years of age. Again, if you are currently in a job where they would like to get an ‘in’ with whoever is in that company taking on agents.

Also, where they think you will give them an ‘in’ once you get into your new, hopefully managerial role. they would prefer it if you had some cloutT

Try using them if you are in th emiddle of relocation, so are not currently out of work. Try using them if you are between contracts, or are over 40.

Then they are diabolical.

Sent on Interviews

I’ve been sent on interviews where I knew within a minute of entering the client’s IT area, there wasn’t a chance of being employed by them.

Agency Dirty Tricks on Contractors
Agency Dirty Tricks on unsuspecting Contractors

They would not have seen me as fitting in. This was, usually because most of the people there were 20 years younger than me.

I’ve also been told that I had the ideal CV, then I never heard from the agent again.

Lying Recruitment Agencies

Even worse, I’ve had them arrange an interview, but then cancel it. They lied about the reason. They said they were sick when in fact they were on the job. I know. I checked.

Agents honest?

Yeah, about as honest as a used car dealer.



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