Contract Interview Tips – 10 Things to Remember

Contract Interview Tips
Contract Interview Tips for contractors

Contract Interview Tips – Ten Things to Remember


Contract Interview tips for UK contractors preparing for an interview.

UK Contractors need to get as many extra helps as they can as it is a very competitive market. Contracts are often got by small margins. So, here are some interview tips to help you get over the line.

Interview Questions
Interview Questions Preparation

Know About the Job

Know more about the job than the interviewer expects you to. Do your homework on the internet etc. Do any preparation you can. Know about the company you’re going to work for and some good recent news about them. So. type the company’s name into Google and then click on News.

Look Like You Want the Job

Look and act as if you want the job. Show enthusiasm.

Look Relaxed and Cheerful

Be relaxed and cheerful. Let you personality help get you the job. Interviewers tend to hire people they like. So, make sure they like you.

Talk While Walking to Interview Room

Great CV Advice for UK contractors
Great CV Advice for Contractors

Have something to say while walking to the interview room with the interviewer. Most people get or lose the job in the first 2 minutes. You don’t want an awkward silence. Have, therefore, an answer to the question “Did you have any trouble making it here?”. Don’t just say “No”.

Be on Time for Interview

Be on time. It’s not a good idea to keep an interviewer waiting. If you can’t make it in time for the interview they will wonder if you are a habitual latecomer

Show Interest in Contract Position

Show interest in what the interviewer is saying and keep good eye contact with him or her. The last kind of person they want is someone who looks bored or unengaged during the interview.

Engage All Interviewers

If there is more than one interviewer make sure that you engage them all and not just the one doing all the talking. They’ll all have an input and probably a veto.

Successful Interviews by Contractors
Successful Interviews make Contractors

Don’t Bullshit

Don’t bullshit if you don’t know something. Just say you don’t know. Moreover, you can get on to the next part of the interview qucikly without looking as if you are floundering. If you don’t know someting it will be obvious anyway.

Don’t Criticise Previous Bosses

Don’t criticise past or current bosses. They may see you as someone whom bosses find it difficult to work with. They want someone who can get on both with them and the people in their teams.

Open Body Language

Have open body language, e.g. don’t fold your arms. Be warm and friendly.

If you follow all of these tips it should give you an edge against the competition as not all other candidates will follow all these interview tips.

You need, therefore, every little bt of help you can to put yourself that little bt a head of the competition.



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