Contractor Code of Conduct – a Suggestion

Contractor Code of Conduct
Contractor Code of Conduct

A recruitment consultant puts forward a suggested Contractor Code of Conduct. See what you think. So, is he correct? Would a Contractor Code of Conduct be a good idea?

Contractor Code of Conduct

Here are 10 suggestions for a Contractor Code of Conduct:-

1) Signing a contract and then giving notice because you found a position either
a) that pays more or
b) is closer to home.

2) Going to an interview your agent arranged and then telling the interviewer you would be happy to go direct. Telling the interviewer you have a load of friends who could fill roles and thus cut out the agent.

Contract Renewal Farce
Contract Renewal Farce with agency

3) Posting a CV on a job board and then being annoyed that you get calls from agents about roles.

4) Asking for an increase every time your contract is renewed because you have ‘taken on more responsibility’ or ‘you have been there for 3 months’.

5) Not returning phone calls. This is especially when you have been to an interview and then decided you would take the other role. Editor’s Note: – that’s a good one coming from an agent.

Know How Much Your Skills Are Worth

6) Refusing to understand just how much your skills are actually worth. Wanting £50 an hour, however, doesn’t mean you are worth £50 an hour.

7) Everyone is in this business to make money. I can’t code. You can’t find jobs. So, you make money and I make money if we work together.

Unprofessional Contractors
Unprofessional Contractors let the others down

8) When you are on site, I take the heat if you come in late. I take the heat of you fck about or generally don’t give a sht. The client will not use me again. Try, therefore, to be professional. See above.

9) You want to be a business. Then act like one. It’s the economy stupid.

10) Oh yes… try to remember, Agents are People too.

Well, that recruitment consultant has got that off his chest. What do you think? So, is he correct? Should there be a Contractor Code of Conduct?

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