Recruitment Agency Blacklist – I want to blacklist one

Recruitment Agency Blacklist
Recruitment Agency Blacklist - is there one?

Recruitment Agency Blacklist


A reader tells us that they he wants to put an agency on a Recruitment Agency blacklist. Read on.

I have recently completed a contract at a major pharmaceutical company and the
agency involved has failed to pay me for the last two weeks of the contract.

Devious Agencies
Devious Agencies and their dirty tricks on contractors

I know they have received payment and I provided them with the correct
invoices and signed timesheets as required.

I am at present perusing this through the governments small claims web site,
Money Claim Online. I want to put them on an agency blacklist.

Blacklist Recruitment Agency

They continue to ignore both me and the courts.

I was wondering if you have an agency blacklist in order that other
contractors may be forewarned of this.

The pharmaceutical company will no longer use this agency because of this
situation. Indeed, I feel they should be morally obliged to sort this out for
me. I did the work for them in good faith, believing they would only use
reputable recruitment agencies.

Agency Tricks on contractors
Agency Tricks played on contractors

Details of Disreputable Agencies

If you do hold details of such disreputable agencies, please let me know and I will provide further details.

I appreciate that it might be difficult for you to do so as you do not want to have any involvement in legal issues.

UK Contractor Comment

There used to be a number of these kind of websites around. However, none spring to mind at the moment.

One would probably think that agencies wouldn’t take kindly to people slagging them off on the internet.

Perhaps one of our readers will remember one of the websites.

Publicity for Bad Agencies

I think that if they have done something wrong then you should try to give them some ‘publicity’.

We’ve published articles in the past about agencies who have treated contractors badly.

However, a recruitment agency blacklist might be a bit much and you might end up being sued.

There’s no IT Contractor blacklist between agencies so, on balance, it’s probably better there isn’t an agency blacklist.

However, our readers may think differently.



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