CV Screening Coming to UK – Clearstar comes to market

CV Screening
CV Screening

CV Screening


CV Screening, which is popular in the US is now coming to the UK. Lying on your CV will be much more difficult in future. ClearStar, an American company based in Alabama, is coming to market in the UK. It will be on AIM. It will start trading next week.

So, what does it do? It uses software to detect when someone is lying on their CV. If you enhance your university degree they’ll find you out. If you enhance your job title on your CV they’ll find you out.

Contract'rs doing their CVs
Contractors’ Sending Out CVs

CV Screening Algorithms

ClearStar uses a number of algorithms to work out if someone is not telling the truth.

If you keep your CV online but send out a different version to a company, CV Screening will find you out.

Also, if you put you used a skill at a particular client who doesn’t even use that tool or skill screening software will find you out.

Enhancing Your CV

In the US, 90% of all companies use CV screening software. It is very difficult to enhance your CV there. In the UK it has been much easier to enhance your CV with only the biggest of companies using CV screening software.

Now, with ClearStar getting a listing in the UK, CV screening will become much easier. There’s a ready market here.

Of course, it’s possible companies put two and two together and make five as regards their reports from CV screening.

CV Screening and Gaps

One thing that contractors do (I did it myself) was to fill up gaps on their CV. They just say that they were longer at a company than they actually were. For some reason clients and agents don’t like gaps on CVs. They look as if they think you were in jail.

Rejected CVs
Rejected CVs – the reasons

As I kept getting asked, with suspicion, about major gaps at interviews I took the gaps out and extended my previous contract by several months. It would only be a problem if your CV was sent back to the place where you previously worked.

However, after a gap of a few years they probably wouldn’t remember if you worked there for nine months or a year. One doesn’t know if the screening software will scupper that. It will if you have different versions of your CV online. They can look at old website caches after all.

CV screening opens a can of worms – but it is here to stay. CV screening will be part of our lives now.

For more info you should click on ClearStar – I Have had my CV Verified



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