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Contractor Lies on CV
Contractor Lies on CV

Contractor Lies


Contractor Lies on their CV or at interview are now not safe.

Rules that came into effect a few years ago mean that, if agencies find out information about a temporary worker that they have placed, that shows that they are not able to do the job properly, they are legally bound to contact the client and inform them.

Often, information comes to the agency after the contractor has started the assignment, which the agency wouldn’t normally pass on, but now they are legally bound to pass on any contractor lies.

Agency Advice for Contractors
Agency Advice for Contractors

False Info on CV

This could include:-

  1. Where the Temporary Worker has put false statements on his or her CV

  2. Where the contractor has not told the full truth about the levels of their skill and knowledge at interview

  3. Where the agency find out afterwards from another client or someone that the contractor has worked with previously that show that the contractor isn’t up to doing the job for the client

  4. Where the contractor tells the agency something afterwards that shows that the contractor has over sold himself or herself, e.g. ‘I had to bulls**t through some of the interview’.

Pressure on Agencies

This puts a lot of the onus on agencies, who could now, presumably, be sued by client companies if they were in possession of information that the contractor could not do the job properly but didn’t inform the client about contractor lies on their CV or interview or from whatever source they came from.

Recruitment Agency Advice needed by UK Contractors
Recruitment Agency Advice very useful for UK Contractors

This really opens a can of worms.

Most people, according to surveys, embellish their CVs in some way and ‘talk up’ their skills and knowledge at interviews.

Another side effect could be that agencies and clients could use this as an excuse to get rid of contractors without paying for notice periods. After all they could say that contractor lies make the contract invalid.




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