Devious Recruitment Agencies – a trick you can play

Devious Recruitment Agencies
Devious Agencies and their dirty tricks on contractors

Devious Recruitment Agencies


Devious Recruitment Agencies – A trick you can play on them.

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Other Agency Scam

One agency scam which I have come up against on several occasions is when devious agencies tell you about an exciting new role. It pays good money but, in order to boost your application, it would be best if you could let them know of any up and coming interviews you may have.

Agency Dirty Tricks on Contractors
Agency Dirty Tricks on unsuspecting Contractors

This, of course, will strengthen your application. The agent can tell the client that you’re busy being interviewed. They should move fast to secure you, otherwise they will miss you. Of course, all they want is new leads. No interview actually exist at all.

Have Some Fun

You can actually have fun with these devious agencies.

The last time this happened to me, I gave a completely made up contact name and company name.

This particular ‘interview’ was for an American technology company just setting up a new London base.

The guy eagerly takes all the details down including the company and interviewers name.

He thanks me and assures me that the added interview information will increase my chances for his very tempting job paying £50 an hour.

Contract Recruitment agency
Contract Recruitment agency get contractors jobs

Other Calls

Of course I never hear back. However, because they can’t find the company, someone else has to ring back pretending not to know about the original phone call to try and solicit the company name again.

Surely the other guy must have written it down wrong?

Maybe as it is a new overseas company it is not listed yet?

This went on for 2 days over several phone calls, all calls pretending not to know about the other calls.

One guy actually rang back twice pretending to be someone else. It finally stopped when they probably realised it was a wind up.

It’s very amusing and nice to know the tables can be turned occasionally on devious agencies.

Maybe if they just credited us with some intelligence in the first place then the devious recruitment agencies would not have to get up to such tricks.



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