Agency Advice to Contractors

Agency Advice to Contractors
Agency Advice for Contractors for making more money

Agency Advice to Contractors


Agency advice to contractors is worth listening to. So, it is always useful to see what other people think, if you can get past the first 2 or 3 pieces of advice without choking. One can choose to take or leave agency advice but it is still worth hearing. So see what you think.

Good Advice for Contractors

1. Apply special attention to avoiding trousers being too short, white socks being ‘in view’, avoid comedy ties, comedy moustaches.

Recruitment Agency Advice needed by UK Contractors
Recruitment Agency Advice very useful for UK Contractors

2. Be less arrogant. Many contractors come across as very arrogant and lacking in social skills.

3. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you, i.e. your agency.

4. Turn up for any interviews you commit to always.

5. If you have left the market for a medium or long term contract, contact the agents canvassing on your behalf to make them aware that you are no longer available.

6. Try and write better CVs. This means focus on what your capabilities are rather than a monotone historical monologue. NEVER use Comic Sans font (you know who you are).

7. Have a reasonable explanation for lots of consistently short contracts.

8. Be flexible in any information sharing with agents, but not at risk of compromising your position / chances. It’s a two way street, and leads lead to jobs for your precious contractor ‘community’.

9. Try to understand, therefore, the wider world of business and that agents cross a bridge of convenience for you. Contractors seldom make good sales people especially on their own behalf.

Contract With Agency
Contract with Agency

10. Spend a day at a recruitment agency if you have incorrect presumptions as to what we actually do. It might be an eye opener. Moreover, most recruiters I know work very hard.

Agency Advice for Contractors

So, there’s your agency advice to contractors. The agency advice in the 2nd half of the list is considerably better than the agency advice in the first half.

So, what do you think? Is it good advice?

Do you agree with Point 8 about giving agencies leads?

Put your views in the Comments section below.



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