IT Professionals That Suck

it professionals that suck
IT professionals that suck

IT Professionals That Suck


Our readers posted these comments on IT Professionals that Suck in response to one of our articles.

Reader 1 – Conversions Team

There was a bloke on the ‘conversion team’ once who was immensely proud when he submitted a 100 hour week on a timesheet.

He would develop conversion programs. Then he’d sit there for 5 hours whilst they were running, reading the paper and running his taxi business.

The boss was a Mr Disagreeable – small man big ego. He thought the number of hours on the timesheet was what it was all about !

Reader 2 – Speakerphone Man

What about ‘Mr I’ve Got A Speakerphone Am Going To Use It’.

Personnally I find noise pollution the worse thing in an office. Mobile phones should be banned – how can one concentrate when every five minutes you get Match of the Day/Dom Jolly/Teletubbies…

And what about the tw*ts who phone a supplier and whilst waiting to get through put the ‘music’ on to speaker phone so that they can get on with something else. They then piss off everyone else in the office.

Reader 3 – 70 Hour a Week Man

A personal bug bear in general is the 70 hour week one.

Not the individual, but the company that expects “that little bit more” on a constant basis. Well if you are paying me to do 35/37.5/40 hours a week and the quality of my work in that time is good, then you can shove “that little bit more” right where the sun don’t shine. Although it’s probably pretty full up there already.

My sister has done well for herself. She puts this down to a Monday to Friday existence of nothing but work.

Personally, having worked as a consultant at a peer level with CTO’s and CIO’s in my last role (for 3 years), we did bl00dy good work based on normal working hours. Also, I made sure I didn’t encroach on people’s time when I knew they were on holiday/outside of working hours, etc. So where do this “little bit more” tw*ts get their ideas from?

Probably it’s their own shortcomings.

Reader 4 – Time Keeper

How about the Time Keeper?

He knows exactly what time each member of staff gets in and what time they get home.

When someone arrives late he sits there mesmerised by the clock until the late-ee sits down, and then makes a comment like “Is he on a half-day today ?” or “He went early yesterday.” It’s normally within earshot of the project manager.

Reader 5 – Beady eyed Boss

There’s the beady eyed boss, who places hits seat in a position where he can watch everyone. When anyone moves or talks to a colleague, he fixes his beady-eyed stare in their direction.

Reader 6 – Menopausal Male Guy

How about the Menopausal Male Guy?

He’s the one sat opposite you who won’t speak to anyone (not just you). He absolutely doesn’t smile, under any circumstances, is outrageously unhelpful, never fetches the coffees, and moans at every opportunity about how the business is running inefficiently without contributing to bettering it in any way.

He’s always stressed, but you can’t work out why. That’s ‘cos he never does more than the absolute minimum of work.

Reader 7 – Know It Alll Guys

The technical types, who pretend to know it all and leech off others for information. They manage to get in with the boss and get the ones who know their stuff fired or not extended.

Trouble is this sort don’t want the rest to find out they don’t know anything… yet they keep their jobs..don’t they.

Do you know any IT professionals that suck?

Have you net anyone like the seven above?

Can you add to this list?

Place your comments below please.



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