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Recruitment Agency Interaction


Contractors and Agencies are limked at the hip but how much Recruitment agency Interaction is there really with contractors?

There used to be a lot more when agencies took contractors out to lunch every so often.

But how much is there now?

Not a lot, according to one contractor.

This was posted by a reader in response to an article. He reckons that too many recruitment agencies are conning contractors.

It is especially bad when it is first time contractors. Agencies take first time contractos to the cleaners.

Contractors Ignored by Recruitment Agencies

It seems to me that the bulk of complaints about agencies are due to the fact that they just ignore IT contractors once the contract is signed.

If you have a query about the terms and conditions they say will Call you back and don’t.

As for meeting up with you in the flesh, I think that is a throwback to the old days of IT Contracting.

Contract Rate Query at Contract Renewal Time

If you have a query about the rate for a renewal they say will Call you back and don’t.

If you have a query about when they’re coming to take you out to lunch like they said they would as soon as you’ve settled in they say they will call you back and don’t.

However, if you have a query about the fact that the client doesn’t have any work for you, they say they will call you back and don’t.

If you have a query about the fact that you don’t have a desk or a telephone at work, they will say they will call you back and don’t.

Finishing Contract Early

If you have a query about the contract and want to finish early they say they will call you back in five minutes (No, what I said was, I’m a contractor and I need to finish early on Friday to go to a family funeral over the weekend down in Hampshire, and I won’t have done the full 35 hours this week, and I have to clear this with you beforehand).

How can you possibly build a relationship with someone who just ignores you? (Oh! I was just about to call you! a Liar!).

I can only have relationships with people that I know, and I only know people that I’ve met, and in 17 years of contracting I’ve only ever met in the flesh THREE AGENTS!

How much recruitment agency interaction is that?

Only one of them is still in business by the way!

Contractors should try and beat recruitment agencies at their own game and here are 10 Golden Rules for Handling Agencies.

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