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Many British contractors would say that they had never met an honest Recruitment Consultant.

However, while there may be many dodgy agents around there are some good ones too.

Here is one recruitment agent, though, who says he has never lied.

This agent reader posted this as comments.

Recruitment Consultant Who Has Never Lied

While I sympathise with the writer I feel that I should put a slightly different perspective to him from a recruiter’s point of view.

I’ve been in recruitment for close to a decade now. That includes a lot of time spent placing IT contractors earlier in my career.

I’ll agree that there is a huge amount of variety in terms of quality of service in the recruitment industry. But this is true of most industries.

I’ve always prided myself on never lying. However, it’s fair to say that I’ve been lied to consistently by candidates and clients throughout my career.

You just have to deal with it. Regrettably it’s human nature. People lie.

Trustworthy Recruitment Consultants

Recruitment consultants now face regulations, thoug,h and could be liable for repercussions if they transgress. There are trade bodies and the Conduct Regulations that may provide recourse should agents lie to a candidate.

There isn’t, however, (and shouldn’t be) a similar route for complaint from recruiters. Yet I’d say that we get lied to just as much.

So, if I can offer any advice to the writer it’s to establish a good relationship with a small number of trustworthy recruiters who understand your needs and can help and stick with them.

Report Abuse

If you get let down, report it – to REC, Apsco and depending on the seriousness of the issue, the DTI all have complaints procedures. There is legal recourse in the case of the DTI.

So, the long and short of it is that it comes down to the skills you have and the skills that are in demand.

A good recruitment consultant can only do their best with what you bring to the table.

There are good, honest recruitment consultants around. It’s the dodgy agents who get us all a bad name.



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