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decent test manager
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Decent Test Manager


A reader posted this as comments who tells us he has never met a decent test manager.

We thought they were worth bringing to a wider audience.

Idiot Clients

If clients weren’t complete idiots, I’d have no work.

Thank the Lord for idiot clients.

Seriously though, the concerns about testing are the things I see the most often.

I’ve not a met a decent test manager yet.

They must exist but damned if I’ve seen him/her, or even heard of one from others.

Systems Testing Phase Abandoned

For the last few projects I’ve been on, they have pretty much abandoned the testing phase, in essence, which is a shame. Because even the most rigorously standards-based coding environment is going to suffer some bugs in the code. Nothing but testing is going to reveal them.

However UAT, Link, System and Stress Testing seems to be foreign terms to modern Project Managers, who simply make up for any delay in the project by eating into the time set for testing and remedial work.

Accenture Project Manager Argument

I remember an argument I had with an Accenture Project Manager some time ago.

He had set aside time and resources for testing, but hadn’t set aside resource and time to perform any remedial work and re-testing.

As far as he was concerned, his responsibility to the client was to test, not to fix problems revealed in testing, He was simply to test and tick the right boxes to say he performed the test.

Bizarre argument with Project Manager

Bizarrely I can remember another argument with another project manager from Accenture.

In this the recently graduated Project Manager couldn’t see the point of documentation for the client.

Seeing as the client didn’t ask for it specifically (the client expected it to be done as per form for a project) he decided not to bother.

End result, he intended to leave the site with the client completely in the dark.

To this day I’ve still never met a decent Test Manager.

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