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Passed Over for Promotions


The article about treating IT workers decently is from Aussie contractor site and is about a guy passed over for promotions.

Talented IT Man

I am the wife of a very talented IT man working for a new and up and coming company.

Unfortunately they are mistreating my husband so badly that he has resigned to the fact that he needs to look for another job.

He has given his company 3 years of loyal service. Furthermore, he always went above and beyond his job requirements. It was ‘for the better of the Company’ as they like to put it.

He has above 100 percent productivity and they told him that they pay him too much..

Passed Over for Promotions

They passed him up for 4 promotions because they said they weren’t willing to pay him what he is making.

Now they wanted him to accept a 20 percent pay cut for a supervisors position or, if he wanted, to remain a level 2 tech as opposed to a lowly level 1 tech.

He would have to take a 4 dollar an hour pay cut.

They have now given the supervisors possessions to outsiders. They gave one to an inferior tech that swears at him and belittles him in front of co-workers.

He asked the owner point-blank the other day ‘Are you trying to get me to quit’. His reply was no, but my husband feels otherwise.

Half the Rate

The fact is they are now hiring techs at half of what my husband makes and at a very basic skill level.

My husband is not alone in this situation. There are only himself and another coworker left that have no choice than to stay on until another job is available.

They are looking into a partnership on a start-up company very similar to the one they work at now.

The owner of this company hired my husband under the promise that he believes in treating IT workers well. What a load of bull.

Large Partnership

He actually used my husband to attain a very large partnership with a very well-known nationwide retailer.

He and the other slighted co-worker were the techs that handled most of the service for the execs for this partnership company.

What did they get for a job well done nothing – a demotion.

Do they care that we have 3 children at home? Do they care that my husband dedicated time with them because he was promised the moon and given nothing and then less in return?


Treating IT Workers Well Pays

It doesn’t pay to Bully and belittle workers. Treating IT workers well should produce its own dividend.

I told him: “Get them where it hurts the most and that Is the Almighty that rules their very existence – THE DOLLAR”

Greedy jerks!

As for the Name of the Company I have debated giving it, but we need to eat until he can find another job.

Patricia (for husband passed over for promotions).

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