The Contractors earning nearly a Million a Year


Contractors Earning


Parasol have published a list of their contractors earning most. Most of the top paid contractors are in IT.

The contractors earning the most specialise in cloud, procurement and support skills attract a premium it seems.

Top Earners

The top earning Parasol contractor employees by hourly rate, as of 20th October 2014, are as follows:

Office 365 Champion (Outsourcing, Midlands) £443
IT Procurement Officer (Aerospace / Defence, London & South East) £400
IT Support Analyst (Healthcare, London & South East)£374
Senior IT Delivery Manager (Financial Services, Edinburgh) £333
IT Engineer (Telecoms, London & South East) £294
Finance Analyst (Pharmaceuticals, London & South East) £211
Project Support Analyst (Healthcare, London & South East) £188
First Line Support Engineer (Aviation, London & South East) £187
Project Management Analyst (Online Retail, North West) £160
Clinical Programmer (Pharmaceuticals, North West) £150

Nearly a Million Quid a Year

If you take the top one who earns £443 an hour and multiply that by 8 hours then by 5 days and then by 48 weeks the remuneration comes out at £850,560 – not too far off earning a million quid a year.

That’s a lot of money. Contractors earning a million quid can’t be too far off.

Parasol managing director Derek Kelly said it was evidence of strong demand for specialist IT skills across a range of sectors.

Year of the Niche Contractor

He said: “We predicted back in January that 2014 would be the year of the niche contractor, and so it is proving.

“As UK PLC regains its confidence, organisations of all shapes and sizes are reviving and pressing ahead with IT projects that they put on hold during the downturn.

“IT contractors offer businesses short-term access to skills and expertise that otherwise may have been unavailable to them. Our findings demonstrate the financial rewards on offer to those IT professionals who have successfully carved a niche in a particular area.”

Contractors earning the most moneytend to be in IT so that’s good news for those out there who do.



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