Rejected CVs – 7 Reasons for it

Rejected CVs
Rejected CVs - the reasons

Rejected CVs – 7 Reasons for it


Rejected CVs are the curse of the contractor.

Although some may appear obvious many CVs go in the bin because of these reasons.

1. Waffle on Page One (Rejected CVs) – As one CV Agents said ‘If I don’t see the skill I want in the first 10 seconds the CV goes in he bin and I start on the next one of the 200 I’ve been sent.

2. Your last job is the most important. If it’s not near the front with the appropriate skills, you’ll miss your chance. It will be another one of those rejected CVs

Contract Rejection Reasons
Contract Rejection Reasons – why you didn’t get it

3. Hobbies – I don’t know why people put their hobbies on their CVs. It won’t get you the job and it might well lose you it. There’s no point.
You may be very proud to be a Scout leader but not everyone will want to hire you.
They’re looking for people who will fit in – and that may not be a Scoutmaster.

Agents and Employers

4. Agents and Employers are not impressed by fancy paper. If you send your CV in by post, and if they can’t find what they want it will give them great pleasure in dumping this Fancy Dan’s CV in the Rejected CVs bin.

5. Gaps in the CV – You may have taken some time off but interviewers never like it and always ask questions about it.

6. Boasting. – you’ve got to talk yourself up on your CV but don’t go too far with comments like ‘I was the most important factor in the Project’s success’.

7. Too many short contracts. They will conclude either that you must have been thrown out in some of them or that no one ever wanted to renew your contract and fire this one towards the Rejected CVs bin.

Every single contractor has had his or her CV put in the rejected CVs bin at some point in their careers but the less that it happens the better chance you have of being a successful contractor.



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