Bust agency | How to make sure you get your money back

Bust Agency
Bust Agency

An unusual way of getting money back from a bust agency going under


Many contractors have lost fortunes from a bust agency.

This posted as comments by a reader. UKContractors.org is not recommending this method and only is posting it as an interesting commentary.

Bust Agency in Friendly Administration

I got ripped off by a bust agency going into friendly administration who then transfered their contract assets back to themselves via another company. Attempting to use the law was futile, as you all know.

A Bosnian I knew at the time, told me there are plenty of Bosnian mafia in London. He could, if I wanted, contact them and they would get at least 50% of my money back. I chose not to do this, went through the legal process (such that it is) and got an offer of a paltry 3%. However, I didn’t even get that. I ended up with zero.

Right Moral Choice

So, I had the consolation that I made the correct moral choice.

I had not sent a couple of heavies around to the agency directors for to give them a good solid kicking.

I had stuck within the law.

However, a fat lot of good that did me.

Midlands Contractor

Later, I met a contractor from the Midlands.

He had a similar issue one time, and a West Indian friend of his said he’d get half the money back from the bust agency, and the contractor accepted the offer.

Within a couple of days he recovered 60% of his losses from the bust agency, and he used no physical violence (only the threat of it).

Dose of Their Own Medicine

If I should ever find myself in that situation again, I will not be talking to any lawyers, support groups, or any other namby-pamby free-market loons.

There are better ways to recover debts from charlatans and crooks – give them a small dose of their own medicine.

They’ll pay so quickly you wouldn’t believe it.



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