Nonexistent Recruiter – Contract signed by Agent who didn’t exist

Contract Signed by Agent
Contract Signed by Agent who didn't exist

Nonexistent Recruiter


This is from a reader after a nonexistent recruiter signed his contract.

Marcus Doyle

A couple of months ago I started working through a certain agency for a client in Belgium.

The contact person of that agency, lets say he was called Marcus Doyle, signed the contract together with his boss.

Later on, Marcus changed jobs to another agency and contacted me again, asking if I was looking for a job.

Agency Tricks on Contractors
Agency Tricks on Contractors tocheatthem

Not Real Name

Surprisingly enough, he admitted that his name was not Marcus Doyle but, say, Marcus Smith.

Asking him why, he told me his previous employer required people to change names.

This means had a contract signed by somebody who officially does not exist.

What to think?

What to do?

ITContractor Comment

Well, both in my contracting career and in this position I’ve probably heard most things. I am normally able to come up with answers for our readers.

But, I’d have to say, I’ve never heard of this before – contractsigned by a non-existent agent, or at least one not using his real name. One suspects that this would be illegal.

There are some devious agents and agencies about doing some devious things but making all of their agency staff change their names is a new one on me – and then letting people get their contract signed by someone using the name of a nonexistent recruiter.

Contract Recruitment agency
Contract Recruitment agency get contractors jobs

Must be a Reason

One would think it is not for the fun of it but they have some purpose (almost certainly untoward).

At first I thought that it might be for tax purposes but I would expect they use the proper staff names on the wage slips.

Why an agency wants to hide the name of their recruitment consultants (as they like to call themselves) beats me.

Agencies never cease to surprise contractors.



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